For all the hasbro star wars freaks in Canada


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I'm not sure if this is in the US too, but I was at a Toys R Us in Burlington ON Canada. And saw they had that huge Slave One (from the clone wars cartoon) on sale for $79.

I also saw these....

These ships need to be customize, but they are huge. Not quite studio scale, but then again I wasn't measuring.

They were impressive.

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That's a good price. They have been on the shelves here in Australia for almost 2 months with a price of $199.00 so to me $79.00 sounds like a bargain.

The X-Wing has a new, updated cockpit (which looks sooooo much better) and has a better colour scheme than the other larger scale X-Wings.

The X-1 is still the same old X-1 as before.
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