For 2015 Hallowen: Raphael TMNT Ninja Turtle Cosplay Replica Costume 2.0

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    So this is my 2nd attempt at making myself a cheap (when compared to $500-$2000 on a build) Raphael TMNT Cosplay Costume for Halloween.
    I have all my materials and a lot of ideas down and will post up more information on that very soon. Last year I only gave myself 2 weeks to complete it. This year almost 2 months. I learned a lot from last years attempt.

    So with that...he is my first sketch and first part of the design. My most expensive part...the head! I purchased a head off that famous auction site last year. Got a decent deal at $180 shipped for a barely used Raph head made by The Prop Shop. It is a highly detailed piece that Iam sure many of you have seen before.

    My version of Raphael is going to be 60% old school 90's theme and 40% new school from the 2014 movie.

    First picture of the way Iam going to tweak the mask from its original state to what Iam after. It will have real busted sunglasses and a real fabric headsock/bandana combo.

    Feel free to comment! What do ya guys think?

    RapaelHalfBreed.jpg redturtlemask1_2048x2048.jpg
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    Looks like it'll be a good mod!
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    3 took about 2 months to finish it but it came out great! Well for 1 night anyways. The airbrush paint for some odd reason this time just didn't stick and hold up well to the latex at all. I don't understand that one at all! Same latex as last year (monster makers bat black) and same creatix airbrush paints. Last year I couldn't scrap and get the paint to lift. This year I barely touch it and it flakes right off! It was coming off after only the 2 hours of wear time. The right foot also pretty much broke apart from me walking on it a bit weird. My duck-tape mold wasn't that great near the ankle part. Building the pieces took a lot more time then I anticipated but I was happy with those too. I totally forgot 2 things. 1.) Airbrush the belt/strap from the shell that wraps around me and 2.) the custom made sais I built! Oh and mental note to self and to others....don't be rushing around setting up Halloween decorations, skip out on eating and drinking all day and then throw on a foam latex suit!!! No! No! No!....I was so dehydrated that my girlfriend was feeding me water through a straw up the next part of the mask to keep my from passing out. It was super silly hot in the thing.

    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 1.jpg

    For those wondering on the material aspect of the build...

    1.) Paintable silicone from Lowes...I never counted how much I used but I would say around 6-8 tubes of the stuff. (they only sell 1 kind of this "paintable" silicone). Most silicone you can't paint.
    2.) Great stuff window foam sealant from Lowes. The window foam one that stays flexible...not the original great stuff...that stuff sucks and gets crumbly hard! This was the primary source of my foam. My best guess...10-12 cans of the stuff.
    3.) Off Ebay: 1 Ninja turtle deluxe costume
    4.) Off Amazon: Flip flop v toe socks (2 pack)
    5.) Off Ebay: 1 pair of lobster claw gloves
    6.) 1 pair of old shorts
    7.) 2 Rolls of Duct tape
    8.) 2 Rolls of Saran Plastic Wrap
    9.) Xacto knife and long skinny retractable blade razor knives (Lowes)
    10.) Fabrics from Walmart and or Joanns fabrics

    Have to make duct tape molds of your hands/forearms, feet/legs. Spray the foam onto said pieces and then with knifes cut the desired shapes. Use silicone to fill in holes and or unwanted gaps. Multiple stage process. Once desired shape is obtained, paint part with multiple layers of latex, using light thin layers at first and then working up to medium thickness layers not going overboard as latex will harden on the outside but then be wet on the inside.

    Hope this helps anyone trying to make their own TMNT!
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