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Hi, I keep hearing about work that's done with Foamies and was wondering what exactly they are? Just pieces of foam?
I'd like some info fro a possible project.

Sorry, just new to to the whole thing.


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Foamies are usually 12" by 9" 2mm/3mm foam sheets you can buy at craft stores. They are 'workable', but most folks want something thicker. Camping mats and/or garage mats are used a lot for builds, but several of us have had a lot of luck (and fun) working with the Closed-cell EVA foam sold via Caroline's ebay store - Wandy Foam.

GraphicJordan pointed me to Wandy Foam, which sells a variety of EVA Closed-Cell foam via ebay. It was a GREAT referral, as Caroline has been wonderful to deal with!

All the foam I've used for final pieces on Mikey's armor came from here, so I definitely recommend them. :thumbsup

Product links:

4mm Craft Foam (package of FIVE 12"x18" sheets) = $6.00 (5/19/11)

3mm Craft Foam (package of FIVE 12"x18" sheets) = $5.00 (5/19/11)


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Omg, awesome links indie!

Yeah the downfall with foamies is that they're not very thick and can rip and wrinkle easily. I usually have to re-do/replace alot of my fun foam work because of wear and tear :\. I made my boyfriend's Tron program armor out of it, and it took a lot of damage at Dragon*con and will have to be fully repaired. ALL foam will wrinkle with heavy stress application, but it's good for non-stress costuming.

A good tip to have while using thinner foam: BACK IT WITH FABRIC! It will cut the wrinkle/rip effect in half. Plasti-dipping it will also create a better finish.
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