Foam Sanding/Polish ?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by prostheticsoul, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I am working on a foam armor custom made. And It is my first project. While i was looking for reference on the internet i found the Mass Effect armor and it looked pretty awesome. Specially the smoothness that the foam had. How can I Accomplish this ? I have searched Google and haven't found anything that can help me. Here is a Pic I found so you can understand what i mean.

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    Hit it with a heat gun. Will collapse the top layer of foam and add a sheen.

    Search "Mass Effect 3 foam shep" that is a build I just finished for a client.

    Mass Effect 3 Shepard Build - Imgur
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    When you buy the foam, there are two sides one has a texture side the other smooth, should give you the texture you need, keep the heat moving when using the heat gun otherwise it wont melt evenly. also you can get a razor knife extension for you soldering iron which will make it easier to cut the shapes out of the foam.
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    you can use 800-1000 grit automotive sand paper or one of the green sharpening bits on a dremel.
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    I painted my foam suit with PVA, then Plastidip, then automotive paint in rattle cans to get a shiny finish. You could do that with selected parts perhaps: - Iron Man MkVI Armour

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