Foam MK3 Iron Man For Halloween


Thought I would post a pic of my completed costume, thanks to everyone on this forum.

Had a blast wearing it, I ended up not completly finishing it but I managed to come 2nd in the competition and I had a great time. The costume is now quite a bit worse for wear as it rained on the way home and as I feared PVA glue is not a good sealant lol. Wish I had the unfolds for the extra thigh pieces as you can see there was quite a gap, i just ended up pulling the thighs up and attaching them to the pods on the side of the cod.

I really do not reommend sticky velcro, it doesn't hold well and came unstuck. If i did it again I would use poppers on webbing and hot glue the webbing to the foam for a more durable solution.

Now I need to decide if I want to re-paint this one or make one out of a more resiliant material like fibre glass. :love
really, from all the iron man builds you couldve commented with this rather pointless comment, you dug up one from last year?

good job
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