Foam Master Chief build


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After trying my hand in different costumes and props over the last two years with Venom, Magneto and Spider-Man, I wanted to try another technique with foam and wanted to do another of my favorite characters in Master Chief from the Halo series.

I've never used foam before and wanted to learn something new. I also didn't have the files for the armor I wanted to build, so I went at this using my eyes, a 6" action figure and loads of reference photos.

First, my inspiration came from the Forward Unto Dawn web series that came out in 2013. It was live action and the first time we get to see Chief moving in "real life". The mjolnir armor looked fantastic on the screen and I wanted to replicate it.

I watched videos, read threads on foam-building and bought supplies for practice.
I'll spare you the pics of every piece of foam I layered. You can find better step-by-step foam build threads.
Here's what I have so far...

One of the gauntlets is a FUD design and one is a Halo 3 design. Just my own little nod as H3 was my favorite.

Both arms are completely finished.
Thighs are finished. Boots and Cod are next.
Will update as I go.
im not into halo, at all. (DEADSPACE!) but I did watch the F.U.D. movie and it was pretty good. and I am liking your armour. weathering looks great, nice job so far. :cheers
Picture dump & update: Ordered and received the Pistol and Helmet from Etsy. Worked on both and painted.
Added padding, neck liner and LEDs to the helmet. (Fan installation next)
Finished Cod piece, Shins and boots. Torso is almost all put together. Painting this week.
Started puff painting the undersuit for hexagonal pattern and wiring lines that are on the suit.

good job, only thing I'd say is pay attention to scaling from a brought helmet :) specially if you plan on altering your height with some shiny stilts, Master chief is like 7 foot!

but yeah... damn... that painting technique I must say looks frakkin sick mister!

good job, only thing I'd say is pay attention to scaling from a brought helmet :) specially if you plan on altering your height with some shiny stilts, Master chief is like 7 foot!


Well, now you have me concerned with scaling. The helmet looks a tad big. I am normally 6'3" and with the boots and Helmet I'm currently 6'9".
So hopefully it'll look good when put together.
im sure it'll be fine if its too big just bulk the shoulders, and lengthen the torso, if its too small just trim a few torso bits :) easy to modify things in foam. I only mentioned it 'cause I had the same thoughts as I'm making a Halo reach Jun setup @ about 7ft.
Quick update after the first full test fitting. Some adjustments needed. Need to puff paint some areas on the undersuit that I didn't expect to show and add elastic from the chest to shoulder pieces and cod to thigh pieces to keep them from sliding down.
Niagara Falls Comicon pics after I made some adjustments to the suit and built an assault rifle.
And my son as Star-Lord. I made his helmet, orb and painted the gun.
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