Foam Iron Man mk4


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Hi all!

I started this project a few weeks ago, in hopes to get it done for the Age of Ultron premier at my local theater.

it's all gonna be made out of 1/2" 6mm and maybe 2mm foam and put together with hot glue.(hopefully)
yesterday I finished cutting out the foam pepakura templates and today ive started with the foam!

pics to come!


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If you can do this you are a god. I have been working on mine for a few months now (although not super rigorously), and am nowhere near done. I can't wait to see what comes out of this. Good luck.


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after searching through much internet I came across a youtube video by Cullen Cosplay, he had a link in the description that led me here:
I downloaded the mk4 files and tested some of them out on cardboard before deciding I didn't have enough time to scale everything to fit me. so I went for it! cutting everything out the scale it was in the files. ill have to modify a few pieces to fit me but I think it will work. *fingers crossed*


thanks! we'll see if I look like a god after a few nights of little sleep lol.


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well the day has come and gone!

sorry I haven't been keeping this post updated, im not used to tracking my work.

I was planning on going to the early showing (7:00pm) but a thing came up and I ended up going at 10:15pm. which is not a bad thing; because I was literally working until 10mins before I had to leave lol.

painting was pretty much done all today (technically yesterday at this time), it rained so I was worried about humidity. but it turned out all right! being my first time building a full foam costume I wasn't used to any painting tecniques so I learned as I went. (and I learned a LOT!)

will post pics later, sleep is a luxury I haven't had much of(and I still wont get all that I want until at the soonest tomorrow) but for now I take what I can get


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ok. pic time! I only have the front angle but ill get around to individual pics later.
this is me at the theater after the movie.

I didn't do the helmet, or the shoes, or the hands, or the hand plate, or 2 of the neck pieces, or the hip pods. but I think even without all of that it turned out pretty good.

I painted it all (all but the neck) on Thursday (the day I went) it rained, so it was kinda sticky, but I got it done! (with having to go to work and doing a few other things)

the shin pieces were modified a little bit (I cut some pieces off and didn't put others on) and attached to the thigh pieces with a nylon strap. and then a nylon strap runs from the top of the thighs up under the cod and then is folded over and pinned in place.

the bicep and forearm(there was a piece to the forearm I left out) were attached with a nylon strap on both sides.

the cod, abs, and chest/back have camping buckles to make it easier to get in and out of but I still need help getting them off because of the size.

ill take some other pics and post them later!

have a good day! :)


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also, to save time I didn't use any plasti-dip or wood glue to seal the foam, I tried my best to go over everything and heat seal it but im pretty sure I missed a few things.
all of it was just painted red and then masked off to paint the gold parts.
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