FOAM Iron Man MK 4 build.


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Hey guys! So I decided to try foam and see how I liked it and move away from body filler and fiberglass for a little bit. Just got the chest put together, what do y'all think?
To quote Sheng Tsung from Mortal Kombat:
"It has begun !" :D
Indeed it has! Got a little of the back done. Been playing tennis tournament all day and then all day tomorrow. And my 1/6th scale Spider-Man came into today so I had to play with it for a little bit.(;
Right? I tried the COD and it tasted like foam!(; I get about 5 hours a night. I do, school, tennis, then build. It's a speed build hope to have everything glued together by the 16th of this month.
The biceps are done! A little rough on some edges, but they'll work! They look dang good though when put together with the forearms! Thoughts?
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