Foam Insert for Mask


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Hello all,

I have hard horror mask that lays directly against my face. After a couple of hours wearing it, my nose was killing me.

What do you all suggest in regards to padding? Any suggestions for placement?

I imagine it would have to be something that I could cut. Thanks in advance.



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Without having a lot of detail to go on I'm gonna say thin craft foam, It's easy to cut into whatever shape you need and adds a little bit of softness that might make long-term wearing of the mask more tolerable.


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Sorry about being vague in my original post. The mask is from Behind the Mask: the rise of Leslie Vernon. Awesome flick if you haven't seen it.

I attached two pictures. You can kind of see where my nose was getting pinched when wearing it.

Thanks for your help everyone.


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My suggestion is upholstery foam you can buy it from thick to thin. And put it on the forehead cheeks and chin (just small amounts.) if that's too thick I'd say just line the whole thing in craft foam with extra in certain areas (the problematic ones.) anything spongy that you find most comfortable and not obnoxious.
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