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When I am ready to foam fill my half mask I want to insert a styrophome head so that the foam fills to the amount I want. The question is how do I make the foam not stick to the head? Just the latex?

hi seviz

you could use a plastic carry bag put the head into that foam around it remove the head and peel away the bag it should work

If not.......try wrapping the head tightly in cling film first......or cover the head in petrolium jelly.
Good idea, except that styrofoam heads are usually not to scale with human heads.

Correct. I have a small head. 22 round. I am using a Styrofoam head that fits my circumference. I have never had a pred head fit me good with foam alone. Ive always had to add more in and I hate it. This time I wanted to make sure I get a tight fit so I grabbed a styro head that was almost the same size. Hopefully it works out as planned, if not I can move on to plan B. (Which I do not actually have yet. lol)
you can paint a thick layer of latex or just dip the foam head in latex and let it dry
use mold release then the foam wont stick
use 3 or 5 pound soft foam
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