Foam dice tray, where to start


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Hey guys.
This is my first post here and I'm probably posting in the wrong place and doing all sorts of things wrong but I'm entirely lost on where to start anyway. So apologies in advance and I just hope to get some advice or at least directions on where to get one.
Here's the situation. I'm completely and utterly new to working with foam or any soft materials for that matter, my area if anything has always been wood and metal.
I've had these foam pads lying around for a few months (I think they are from one of the packages I received or something) and I was hesitant to throw them away.

2022-11-24 10-21-58.JPG

And then it occured to me that the recess in the pads are pretty much ideal for a dice tray for my D&D and Dune games. The foam is soft enough that I can even roll my heavier metal and stone dice safely but rigid enough that it would still allow the dice to roll fairly.
But I don't want to have it just be open foam. I want to cover it. And that's where I get completely lost and have no clue how to proceed: what materials will be optimal for this application (that will require the least amount of skill to actually apply decently), what should I use for adhesion, etc..
I was thinking about putting thin leather on the outside (bottom, sides and top corners) and glueing some sort of felt in the recess, but that's just a vague outline of an idea and I'm not even sure if that's the way to go.

So, what are your thoughts? Or maybe you know a place where I can look for more advice on this? Thanks.


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your main concern is the foam reacting to any adhesive or paint you might use. wrapping it in leather or fabric would be relatively straight forward, just get thin leather less than 1mm thick with a bit of give/stretch in it. but avoid waxy oily leathers as they could cause gluing issues too. i used spray glue such as everbuild stick2 for upholstery foam and havent had any issues. but alot depends on what foam you have there.

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There are lot's of youtube videos on making custom dice trays and dice towers.
They cover a large variety of materials and techniques.

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