Foam Captain America Helmet and his shield WIP, 1st Build!


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So after being inspired by reading a foam prop building link on one of my friends Facebook wall, I figured I'd let my inner nerd out by to get a new hobby that lest me build things i could wish after. Like most others lots of lurking around and research as much as I could,I finaly settled on trying something simple. it'll be easy they said . . . but heres what i have so far, and tips, tricks or critiques welcome! (sorry for Crappy phone pics, big links at bottom of post

Cap Helmet:
Grabbed a JFoam .pdo file and started from there with 6mm foam from Hobby Lobby.Started to glue seal heat shaping (rookie mistake #1) then sealed with only some minor dremel work and still didnt heat shape. (#2) tried to seal with a mixture of elmers wood glue and standard wood glue and found that it sealed nice and hard but cracked like a mother while trying to sand down.#3. after most peeling up i tried Modgepodge layers and itt worked pretty damn good.


Slowly added the built up areas around Helm and stared to add the details layers(2mm foam) by looking at Ref pictures and lots of trial and error. this is progress as of today. still working on top/back layers and small details. about 7 hours invested



Cap Shield:
Got a Foam file of the shield somewhere on the RPF (sorry forgot who) and gave it a go with 1/2 foam from harbor Freight.


seemed good until after these pics about 7-8 modge podge layers later I decided to put the first layer of primer paint with out trying smooth out the modge lines (#4 may have been cause by Arrogant ******* don't drink and foam!) so here is where i sit some far. about 6 hours invested.

Pics of progress to be added when progress is made! Thanks for looking-

Big image Links:
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When you'll finish it could you post the photos? I can't wait to see the result!
By the way those looks great!


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muy buen trabajo¡¡¡¡¡¡ pasate a mirar el mio¡¡¡ saludos

- - - Updated - - -

Muy buen trabajo¡¡¡¡¡¡ pasate un mirar de el saludos mio¡¡¡
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