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This is my first post on the subject of an armour build I am undertaking for a Youtube short I have planned.
The armour is for a character who has been hunting demons since the 1600’s.
His journey has meant that he has spent the last 400 years developing his weaponry and armour.

I started with a very light foam camping mat, which allowed me to make a single piece base for the armour. The use of this foam also allowed me to make parts of the build more flexible as I will be expecting an actor to be capable of a good range of motion for the scene.
For me, the design has come out quite reminiscent of a modern day stab vest, which works well as I am aiming at a near-future setting.

The top layer is a more solid foam, the kind used widely for armour builds. This will give me the more solid medium I will require to add the fine details to the armour.

So, the future plan is to build a set of apparatus to be mounted on the back.
I think it’s worth saying that the armour is too short for me, and will be extended in length when I have been able to test this with the actor.
In terms of the film, this will be a device capable of storing a huge charge of energy. The charge will be released through probes on the left hand of the actor.
For this I will be painting some cables with a chroma key green spray paint. I will put the video into Motion and key out the green and make it a brilliant glowing white... well that’s the plan anyway!

I have posted a video on Youtube to give a video of the armour, and my first (quite terrible) armour build, which I have used to test the planned special effect.
Demon Hunter: RPF Post Video - YouTube

I have looked into many armour build posts on this forum, and my question is; does anyone have any suggestions, questions for me on this?
I appreciate any feedback you can give.



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I do suggest moving this to the COSTUME Forum.
You are currently posted in the MODEL Forum.

Not going to get much feedback here.
Perhaps one of the Moderators would be kind enough to move it for you.;)


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I've started work on the Monster Hunter's adversary... the Earth Golem.

I'm taking references from a design a friend sketched for me a while ago.
I'll be making the golem look a lot junkier than the original sketch, but using the same basic proportions etc. It's going need some lifts!


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Lookin' good so far! I haven't played the MH games before, but I've always loved the armor designs and ridiculously large weapons :>
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