Foam and fiberglass

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    Ok im really sorry as im probablly off topic or at the wrong place to post my question.

    Ive been building part of my new project sculping insulation ( pink foam and foam card ) ive read a lot on internet about what to use or not but im just wondering if someone have experience on this.
    1 poly fiberglass = melt the foam, not a good idea.
    2 epoxy fiberglass = ive read it is good to go is this right ?
    3 coating the foam with something then fiberglass it ?
    4 expensive stuff ...

    Thank you very much and again sorry if im posting this at a wrong place.
  2. Dougie Fett

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    I think gorilla glue is the type of glue you need to use to coat the foam first, then you can coat it with fibreglass/bondo.
  3. BGL

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    Kind of water it down paint over it make sense how many layer should i try and after polyester of epoxy resins can be the best ? Soo many question lol :lol
  4. EyeofSauron

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    the best idea ive seen with the pink insulation foam is covering it with aluminum tape. you can fibreglass over that, and it will come off easily.
    this is the stuff:

    it may work with regular duct tape too, but im not sure of that
  5. Mostly Fantasy

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    I've used plain old masking tape over EPS foam, and laid the wet fiberglas up on it without any problems.
  6. BGL

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    Thank you all for your answer !

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