FM Millennium Falcon 1/72


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Hey guys I'm new here and thought I'd show off my falcon. Enjoy! :)







Loads more pics here: Fine molds172 Falcon pictures by merseajohn - Photobucket
Dude...that looks fantastic. :) I have the MR Falcon...I sold my FM Falcon kit to fund it...but I still regret not being able to "build" the falcon. I LOVE my MR Falcon. But the FM is an amazing kit. Congrats on the awesome build and welcome.
I would use the word "Awesome" but it's been used far too many times. That's a great looking build, and you have a good eye for the details too. You even have the dual black lines peppered on her too, sweet.

Nice touch with the fins on the bottom :thumbsup


there I said it
Wow, you have captured the look of the studio mini on this model. Even the little black squares and dashed lines look properly applied and the lighting looks great too! This is one of the best Fine Molds Falcons I have ever seen!
Fabulous... I've expecting to take delivery of my FM Falcon on Monday, I hope I can make even half as good a job as you have.
Next question, if you don't mind - what's the secret concoction in mixing the colors. It looks spot on.

I don't know what merseajohn used, but I had very good luck doing a straight 50/50 mix of FS camouflage gray and FS light gray (Model Masters shades in my case) to get a very good looking ESB Falcon color. All I did was get a 2 ounce bottle and dumped one bottle of each MM shade into it for a straight 50/50 mixture without having to count drops, weigh or do anything like that. The color mixture I got from a series of Youtube videos where a Japanese modeler built the FM kit and he did the same thing with Gunze shades.
Truly gorgeous! In my opinion, regardless of which kit or which version of the Falcon a person is building, it all comes down to the paintwork. And yours is flawless! As has been stated, it looks like a filming model. Seriously strong work there Merseajohn!!! (y)thumbsup
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