FM Falcon Decals


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So whats the consensus, are you guys going to paint the individual panels on the falcon or use the decals that came with it. I don't have much experiance with decals so I'm not sure what type of result they will produce on the falcon. The models I've done in the past I've always airbrushed the different color panels.



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Me too, I'm going to paint the panels. I'm a firm believer of using paint when ever possible.
Cheers, Kevin


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For the coloured panels I think painting would work better, most should have some variation in the application, going lighter as it's weathered, which you won't get on the decals unless you paint over them.


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That's what I'm gonna do to, I've always ditched the decals with other kits and painted instead, just wanted to see what everyone else was doing. :D I started assembling the kit last night and I'm simply amazed at the amount of detail in this kit, it's blowin me away.



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I haven't been able to pick one of these kits up yet, but I've seen good images of the decal sheet. They panels seem to be done in only 3 colors; gray, rust, and a couple of yellow ones. As far as the 32" ILM model goes, is this right? Or is there more variation to the panels?
I know for the 5 footer, there was a whole 'palette' of different grays/beiges.
If there should be more variation, then I would definitely paint.
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