Flynn Rider Completed! Studio pics with Rapunzel pg 5!


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My costume this year is going to be Flynn Rider, a.k.a. Eugene Fitzherbert, from Disney's Tangled.

Hopefully, I'll be good about documenting the process.

Firstly, I bought some leather for the vest:

It's not a perfect color, but since I don't know anything about dying my own leather, this is as close as I could get. It was $40 after shipping for about 15 sq feet.
Some people have made this vest/doublet out of other materials, including the "official" Flynn/Eugene at the Disney parks. However, some pics like this one:

show that this stiff, slightly shiny cloth has been worn down in places, and is white or at least neutral under the coloring. Also, all the animation seems to be more leathery than most of his outfit. So leather it is. I'll be starting making it soon!
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Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

As a reference for the costume, I have the movie on my computer, and this helpful site to see some examples all lumped together.
So step one was finding a pattern for the vest.
I failed at step one. No pattern could be found, at least not for anywhere within my price range (Mccalls used to have one, but it's out of print so it's only for sale on eBay and etsy, and for like $50. Not happening).
Deciding that patterns are for sissies anyhow, I set about making it up. I grabbed a large piece of scrap felt (thanks mom!) and started measuring and cutting the heck out of it. Soon, my living room floor looked like this:

Scraps of felt everywhere!
But it was coming along. I used what is definitely not the best sewing machine ever, but capable nonetheless.

I think his name is "Burt" or something.

Anyway, lots of measuring with string, cutting, and sewing later, I have the beginnings of the doublet!


Sometimes I lost track of what was or wasn't inside out, so there are some seam lines, but the felt vest is really just a pattern. I'll make the complete felt version, then cut it up and copy it with the blue leather.

Hardest thing so far: the collar. I've made, measured, modified, and re-cut it 4 or 5 times. Think I got it right this time!
Still have to work out the 'sleeves,' then I'll be ready to move on to leather.

More to come tomorrow (today, really. Monday.)! In fact, I hope to have the entirety of the doublet cut and sewn in leather. Buckles, belt loops, and studs to come another day, most likely.
Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

@Shendorion, that leather bag (Kaganfindel Sporran) is the most spectacular thing I've ever seen made out of leather! How did you make that? It says 6-14 oz leather--does that mean you hat thick leather and actually carved it out?
Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

subscribed! Loved this film. the question will really be, can you pull off the smoulder?
Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

Progress! Yesterday was productive, but slower than expected. Today I've added to what I did yesterday, and here are some new pics!
Looking like a blue corset, here's the start of the leather doublet:


And here it is without sleeves or collar:


Sorry it's a little fuzzy, I wasn't using a flash so the exposure took a second.
Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

Dude excellent choice for a costume... The leather might have a more "screen accurate" look if you weathered it. The color actually looks close, it just looks like the vest in the movie was lived in, and.... you know.... animated lol I love the work though it's looking excellent!
Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

Lucien, don't worry, I will absolutely be weathering this. I've got a slightly darker blue paint for shadows, and same-color paint for touch-ups, sandpaper to wear it down, and even some tan paint for the areas that were dirty/leather colored (most of the wear on his looks like it's a white leather painted blue. Mine is the same thing, so it should turn out great!).

Jedifyfe... yes. Always.
Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

Collar and "sleeves" added!!




Plenty of work to do on it still, but it's getting better fast!!
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Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

Can people tell the difference between the left side and the right side?

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Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

the left side looks duller/not as shiny? But that could just be because of lighting angles.

This is looking awesome by the way!
Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

Just bought the shoes I'll be modifying into his boots at a thrift store. $7!
Authentic wear and tear! The soles are a little thicker and uh... rubberier than would be ideal, but although I know how to do a lot, and I feel I can learn to make most anything, I am no cobbler. So no making-shoes-from-scratch!

Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

this is an amazing costume, can't wait to see the satchel

Oh and you best start growing that goatee
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Re: Halloween- Flynn Rider from Tangled

this is an amazing costume, can't wait to see the satchel

Oh and you best start growing that goatee
Sadly, where I go to school doesn't allow beards at all, so I won't be growing it. But I've got some good experience with makeup facial hair, so no worries!
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