Flux capacitor... fluxing plans...


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Hey everyone, total outsider here. I found out about this forum from an Adam Savage YouTube video where he discusses his Maltese Falcon saga. I was recently playing the Back to the Future adventure game when an idea took hold of me; I want a flux capacitor. Not in the, "I want to be able to travel through time" way (mainly because I don't have access to plutonium... yet...) but in the "I want that hanging on my wall" way.

The trick is I'd like to be able to construct one for myself, maybe from a kit, maybe from scratch, I don't know yet. I've never built something like this, but I've always gotten a deep sense of satisfaction whenever I finish a project and this seems like the newest high I could think of. The problem is I really don't know where to start.

What advice can you give me on getting started building things for myself? Key tools, cheap ways to get materials, anything that might help. Thanks a bunch in advance for even letting me post here.
get a stahlin enclosure 12x10 first off, cut a hole in it - then you just need to fabricate the inside componenets.

link to my build:


This sounds like an awesome project! I don't know that I could afford to do a screen accurate build, but I've seen a few done for pretty cheap that still look cool. Maybe someday I'll have to give it a go.

Too many cool project ideas, never enough cash :)
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