Flux Capacitor Build/Questions


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I have begun to piece together parts for a as accurate as I can flux capacitor. I would like to use as many screen accurate parts as I can in this build. Ive got what I believe to be the correct Stahlin enclosure. I will have to change the latches as they have a website imprinted on them and paint it the correct grey, but I believe the rest is correct. Please correct me if I'm wrong.




As for the Torr vacuum relays I just picked this one up from eBay. I know the base is not correct but I believe the glass tubing is. I know its extremely difficult to find the exact ones so I might have to 3d print the bases. I'm still on the hunt for the other 2 and if I can a replacement for this one to an accurate one.




I remember seeing screen accurate templates for the window cut out, the lights placements, and replay placements inside the enclosure. I have not been able to find it though. Ive found a bunch of templates that others have made but not quoted as screen accurate. I know there is a debate (unless its been proven) about how many leds are under the relays 3 or 4. I also could be remembering it wrong as I have been wanting to build this for a long long time and everything my have blurred together. I'm I wrong?

For the spark plug caps and wires I found out that a company by the name of Accel manufactured the yellow/red one and I have seen some pop up on ebay from time to time but I never pulled the trigger as I didn't have any other parts at the time.

I have been using this achieved site for some of my information Wayback Machine and of course here on the RPF. Please if I'm going in the wrong direction let me know!

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