Flexibile Filler for 3d Printed Bat-Cowl?


New Member
Guys, newb here. I have kinda screwed up.

So I was sanding my 3d printed bat cowl from MasterForge3d on Etsy. After 2 hours of barely scratching the surface, I went and bought a sander. To which it put an ever so slight dent in the head with too much pressure. It's not super noticeable but it bothers me.

So I went back to sanding by hand. I wet sanded, but I was in the sun so it looked completely smooth after 60, 100, 120, then 400 grit sandpaper. Then I plastidip sprayed it.

This is approximately 1.5 coats. The lines and my crappy sanding job appear even worse!

I was thinking of stripping it, bondo-ing it all over and sanding that. However, it's flexible plastic and the chin sides do need to squeeze a little to get it on my head so I don't want it to crack. Any recommendations you guys have used for a sandible and very flexible filler that won't crack?

Here's the dent. Hopefully, no one thinks I'm Boba Fett.

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