Fleefomme's Scupture Contest Entry: Etrigan

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by fleefromme, Apr 25, 2012.

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    I decided to do a bust of Etrigan. he is made from stone ware clay. for those who do not know who he is you may click here. this is my second semester (in college) as an art major, so i decided to take a basic ceramics course. this is the first time i have done any work in ceramics since middle school. as the semester comes to a close i find my self with free, and figured it would be fun to do.

    day 1:

    this hunk of clay turned out to be a total 27 lbs. i probably should have built on top of a newspaper armature.

    day 2:

    the ears started to dry too quickly and i had to scrap them.

    day 3

    i cut the bust in half, behind the ears, and hollowed him out. he lost 15lbs. that made him easier to transport.

    day 5

    this picture is right before i bisked him (bisking is a low temp firing that removes all the water from the clay). i cleaned up the ears and brows. if u didnt notice he looked kind of melancholy before.
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    Nice. I always liked that character.
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    I haven't read "The Demon" for years.
    But your sculpt is cool - Even the ears.
    I'm dying to see it painted orange!
    Then it'll really look like...

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    im going to paint him with under glazes, then put a clear glazes over that at cone 6 (oxidation).
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