Flat-out recast the gb pack and admits to it?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Cenobyte, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Cenobyte

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  2. SD Studios

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    You read it correctly.

    We need to understand that while recasting is considered a mortal sin on some prop forums, in the "real world" most people just don't care.

    They pull the: "It isn't licensed, so you have no more right to it than *I* do" card.

    OR: "The other guy already got his money out of it, so it is ok for me to now do the same..."

    Many people are just looking for a quick buck. Artist rights, morality, and legality are irrelevant.
  3. Madcap

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  4. The Next Doctor

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    Never truer words have been spoken.

    The more of a "mainstream" presence we take, the more likely this is going to be the norm.

    This is the tradeoff. You keep things off the radar, and you potentially lose valuable information and skills from new members that might have it and you seem elitist. You go "public" and you potenitally have people, buy a members work, and decide to recoup their costs by recasting it.

    Welcome to the future.
  5. Lichtbringer

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    Yeah - it´s such a bad world.
  6. Grey

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  7. MrGzilla

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    this is just something i was wondering and maybe someone here could answer, it sounds like its a recast of a recast of the universal stunt pack right? so was it ok to recast it the first time and not the second? or was it not right to even recast it the first time? or am i just missing something else? i really dont know much about the whole recasting thing when it comes to stuff like this.
  8. Jedifyfe

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  9. Monster Dave

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  10. MrGzilla

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  11. MooCriket

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    Glad they were banned. Scum, plain and simple as that.
  12. Cenobyte

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    My bad,

    Just saw this as a live listing and thought it was bowelrocks.

    Sucks they basically throw it in his face that they recast it
  13. Jonny B

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    sent to Universal Studios:

    I was wondering if you could tell me if this guys claim that
    this really is from Universal Studios, is true.

    It's EBAY number 190589695236

    I ask because I do not see him offering any COA with purchases
    or even that he has the Rights to produce these.

    Jonny B

    I wonder what they'll do to him?
  14. Kerr Avon

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    I honestly wonder why more people don't report these things. If some dick recasts your stuff, anonymously report them to the license holders. No mercy.
  15. MattMunson

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    I'm not convinced that bringing attention to our corner of the hobby, no matter how bad dem recasters might seem, is a wise choice. Though it sucks that there is recasting going on, it would suck more if a studio found out about the hobby in general.

    But the damage is done, I suppose.
  16. Kerr Avon

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    I'm sure they know about the hobby in general, it's not exactly a secret. But when a guy starts selling stuff he says is directly recast from the stuff they had at Universal Studios, then I think that might be something they bring a hammer down on. I won't shed any tears on anything happening to that guy.
  17. Alan Castillo

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    Reporting to a studio is the 'worst' solution. Chances are (a) they don't care (b) a leads to b leads to c, and the original creator gets thumped by the studio too.

    Counter-productive IMHO.
  18. ThePhoenix

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    You have a good point . I think for them to do something they have to see a person making a large amount of sales using a Major studio license piece.

    How many indie artist do you see on Ebay selling Batman cowls
    and nothing ever comes from it . The list goes on and on . This site is more about talking and comparing personal projects and collecting . Its not in the same league as Ebay as far as sales go on indie pieces. But I agree why draw attention you never know .
  19. who45

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    video bob lol, i had dealings with him once, seemed a decent chap, then he had my money and became very ignorant when i was asking for delivery tracking, the goods did turn up no problem, but his build quality on flux capacitors was poor considering he saus he is a pro builder.

    in the time i ordered one from bob and it was in transit i had built my own off my own back and the outcome was mine looked more tons better - and im no pro.

    seems bob has a tendancy to pee everyone off at some point as he seems to make out he is always in the right

    recasting will always happen, more than ever now due to the current recession - peoples wages simply are not rising with inflation and its a simple way to make a few extra on the side.

    i have to ask if he had altered some bits on the pack he built and then made a mold, remodelled some parts, and basically altered bits to make it more symetrical and clinical and alot better could he then say it was his work on the recast .
  20. Zombie Killer

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    This site is pretty much the biggest prop site on the net. You can be sure the studios know about this place and i'd bet some are members if for nothing else to see whats happening here. When companies like Weta are here and companies like Sideshow are sponsors this place is no secret. I think they just turn a blind eye untill it affects them or their licensees like the Farnsworth plates.
  21. Kingpin

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    I wouldn't, to me even if modified (and it'd need to be significant modification), it'd still be a recast... But I'm not an authority. I do know that in some recent examples some recasters have altered the end products to try make them look less like the item that was recasted, but it's usually a pathetic effort, just like the "masters" usually produced to claim they made the item.
  22. rollerboi

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    Ouch. We police our own and let the chips fall where they may.
    Studios don't want to deal with the hassle and will not be selective if they unleash their kennels of wolves. :/

    Telling them directly kind of forces their hand.

    Let's not do that again.
  23. modeljag

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    I thought videobob was pretty cool after seeing that Delorean time machine he built but never thought he would be a recaster.
  24. slimesquare

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    fixed that for you.....that guy is a scum bag plain and simple. He stole tons of stuff from the BTTF community and now he's doing it to the GB community. Glad he's been banned every where he goes, no remorse for recasters.
  25. modeljag

    modeljag Active Member

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    I had no idea about his history until I heard about this. What a shame.
  26. Lear60man

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    Yea blatantly recasting studio work and then selling it en mass is an invitation for a C&D. Studios know who and where we are here at the RPF. We also keep brands alive and promote franchises with our form of fandom.....all for free. When somebody starts pumping out boxes of replicas that are currently licensed to somebody else...thats when the trouble starts. What we do is a hobby, this clown is trying to run a business. Big difference. If EfX started making GB packs, the lawyers would swoop in to protect the licensee and above referenced clown would be making something else.
  27. GuntahKela

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    So, under Bob's logic, I'm all welcomed to buy one his pack shells, recast it and sell it, while showing-off the copied packs on stock, and telling the world I copied off Bob's copy? Would he be OK with that?

    Not to mention, I could sell it for less that he is, pulling the rug from under his feet.

    Not that I would do that, but his argument, when turned against him, is self-defying.


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