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I'd like to make a list of movies / series that use flashing weapons.
Weapons that used a light bulb or camera flash like strobe for the special effect of the weapon.
For instance. The "Forbidden Planet" rayguns. Which used a lit tube or acrylic light beam emitter.
Their are allot of old movies / series out their that I've see using flashlight like rayguns for this special effect & I am going to hunt them down.
If you know of any please post it here, I would be very grateful.

Recently I came upon a movie "They Came From Beyond Space" were they used light-bulb ray guns. Film Projector bulbs to be precise.

They Came From Beyond Space 01.jpgThey Came From Beyond Space 02.jpg
This movie, "Looker" from the 80's had a gun that flashed, and I believe it slowed/stopped time, if I remember right.
The 1978 Battlestar Galactica featured prop laser pistols which had flash bulbs or strobes housed in clear barrels (with some painted details).
Here's a recent auction catalog photo of a hero BSG prop with a clear barrel:
13427426_2 (1).jpg
Here's a photo of the strobe effect with a star filter:
hand of god 1.jpg
In the early episodes the flash bulbs were most often filmed with star filters on the camera lenses for an interesting effect, but in later episodes they usually didn't bother with the filter and sometimes even added a rotoscoped laser beam or bolt. The Cylons in BSG also carried laser rifles that had a series of strobes mounted inside...
and there was at least one other kind of rifle prop in the show with a series of strobes--follow this link for pictures of the internal wiring:


The 1979 Buck Rogers TV show had many prop guns with the same strobe/flash bulb effects in clear tips early on in the series. In the following photo of a hero Buck rogers laser hanging in a Planet Hollywood, you can see the strobe lights that are embedded in drilled out channels in the clear tip:
ed gun ph b.jpg
As the series went on, props with small incandescent lamps in the tips replaced the flash bulb props.
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