Flash Gordon - Mongo Guard Sword - Help Needed..!


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Hi Guys -

2015 is the 35th anniversary of Mike Hodges Flash Gordon.
There are unconfirmed reports of a cast reunion at November's London Film & Comic Con (in a similar vein to their upcoming BTTF reunion) which will be a personal dream to attend.

I'm in the process of making a Flash costume from the final third of the movie (the red & black tank with the beaded logo) which will be ready for the deadline but I'm REALLY struggling with what I think will be the prop to top it all off - the gold Mongo Guard Sword.

Mongul Guard Sword.jpg
I simply don't know the best way to attack this. I have in my possession a detailed 1:1 drawing as a reference but that is it. In a ideal world somebody would offer up a fibreglass cast of an original (I know some members here have them) but being such an expensive and iconic piece I don't blame them for not wanting to risk it.
Having said that, I'd pay handsomely if someone did offer lol.

I had considered a wooden blade and a printed hilt and circle detail but the grip is too big a piece. I don't want to just throw something together and have it look craptastic against a costume that will be meticulously made. I want to fully look the part so if anybody has any serious suggestions about how I could achieve this I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance..!!
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