Flash Gordon (1980) Rocket Cycle Model - FULLY FINISHED PICS!!

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by cking, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. cking

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    Hi everyone,

    With a massive amount of excitement, I am thrilled to be able to share with you these pics of the fully finished Hawkman Rocket Cycle model from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie.

    This has been built and finished by the extremely talented Pete SSS. I want to publicly give my thanks to Pete for dealing with all of my comments and countless photoshop adjustments that he took on board throughout the many months of the project. Prior to the physical build, SteveStarkiller spent many weeks creating a 3D model in sketch-up so we could be sure that the proportions and sizes accurately matched the full size movie prop, but were scaled down to suit the 7 inches tall action figure (manufactured by Bif Bang Pow).

    Here are the pics of something I've waited 31 years for!
    FLASH GORDON APPROACHING...on a Hawkman Rocket Cycle!



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  2. JMChladek

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    Wow! That looks great!
  3. Bandit-Jedi

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    I can hear in my head the Queen soundtrack playing as I look at this.

    So cool!
  4. youngwm

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    That looks really nice!!
  5. CJ 617

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    That is simply stunning!!! :)

  6. Jedifyfe

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    Thanks for giving an old bird a second chance!

    Looks beautiful
  7. zorg

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    really good job, glad you got this project finished.

  8. tgreco

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    that is supremely cool!
  9. JPolacchi

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    That is pretty awesome.I haven't seen that film since I was a little tyke. Certainly nostalgic and in retrospect..."cheesy", but in a good way.It makes me think of the way movies were suppose to be.You did a fine job sir.
  10. Oriontide

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    Despite how cheesy it is, I still love this movie. That sled looks great!
  11. robn1

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    What do you mean, "Flash Gordon approaching"? That's great, really good job!
  12. Pete SSS

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    Thanks for all your comments guys!

    This has been a bit of a marathon build for me, but I am really happy with the results. A lot of credit for the accuracy of this kit has to go to Chris (cking). He has a REAL eye for detail and must be one of the world authorities on this particular piece!
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  13. ReproMan

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    someone really needs to build a life size one based on a mobility scooter... great model btw lol
  14. SteveStarkiller

    SteveStarkiller Sr Member

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    Great job Pete!
    it's amazing to see my cg model work on this project brought to life.

    Huge congrats to Chris, and I have to admit, more than a little jealousy. If I'd had a dream like his, that was executed as well as your model, Pete, I don't know what I'd do with myself.
  15. bodilla25

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    How do I get one?


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    How cool is this! love it and the little flags simply cracks me up, pure 70s Sci-Fi , I know it came out 1980 but the style is so in line with some of those 70s Sci-Fi flicks.
  17. GF

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  18. Albertese

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    It's a little known fact that decades and centuries begin on the year ending in "1" and end on the year ending in "0," So, you're in luck! Flash Gordon (1980) technically did come out in the 1970s!

    (I know this is counter intuitive, but thems the wraps.)

  19. kamandi

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    Dispatch War Rocket Ajax to bring back his body!!!!

    Love it.

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