Fishy Creature - original concept


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This is the first time I've posted any of my work here, although I check in quite often to be inspired by all the creativity on show here.
Most of my sculpting time these days is spent on creating small toy animal figures for an Anglo/Chinese company and it's been ages since I had enough free time to work on a personal project.
This is my take on a fish/man hybrid creature and is no doubt inspired by work I've seen in many a classic fantasy film over the years. It's about 12" high and the same across the shoulders. I may add some sort of plinth to make it free standing, but apart from that it's pretty much finished now.
Thanks for looking and any comments/critiques are welcome!



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WOW! This is incredible. Great details, the gills, skin texture, the fins even the expression. Just awesome!
Any ideas on what kind of paint scheme for it? Thanks for sharing this.


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Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it!
I've not given the paint scheme much thought up to now, but thinking about it now I'd probably go for something like a pale grey base with some vivid colours added to the fins, ears and maybe the gills. I'll need to look at some fish colourings to get some inspiration and see what looks best.
First though I need to decide if it needs a base and then get into the moulding process. I'll post up any progress as and when I get the time to work on it.


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This is great! The texture is amazing.
Thanks a lot, I tried to work in a variety of different textures to give it a distinctive look. I was worried that I might overdo the detailing and textures so I tried to leave some quieter areas to balance things out...which I think worked out ok,
Anyway thanks again for commenting and I'm glad you liked it!

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Awesome. I was going to suggest adding a row of raised fins on the top of his head, but then I scrolled down and saw you'd already done that. So, just amazing looking piece.


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I love this, it is stunning. Its grimace reminds me of an anglerfish, which are actually good references for a paint scheme: anglerfish pics

One of the worst sea critters.
Thanks I'm glad you like it. The colours and patterns in some of those angler fish pics would certainly make great reference for a paint scheme on my fishy critter:) So thanks for the suggestion and link, much appreciated!


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Wow, this is truly amazing! Great job and love all the little details...can't wait to see it cast/painted up! Very inspiring!

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