First timer | Custom Batsuit


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Hi guys, first post, I've been a long time lurker, and have been interested in making a suit for a while. I have a few parts, TDK cowl, black undersuit, so far, but I was stuck for cash and ideas until I came across this concept recently, I believe it's a manipulation of colour, but I like it;


I'm going to panel the black areas with grey fabric, and use foam to create an 'edgy' chest/ab armour look.

Hopefully I'll update stuff here, but I have a couple of questions!

Based on the standard cape template going around, has anyone tried a 5 panel cape? I don't want it to fully wrap around me, I'm using waterproofed nylon, anyone got experience with sewing it together?

What's the best for the grey fabric? I'm thinking stretch charcoal coloured denim! Not sure if anyone has tried this before? Looking for a DoJ kind of texture.

Also, using a New 52 chest patch! Do you think this combo would work?

I also love those gauntlets, which would be easy to make with foam and kydex I believe!