First Time Suiting Up For A Costume Contest!


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Hi everyone, i got my mannowar armor the same day of the contest, i had absolutley no idea how to put on the armor and not much time either. I managed to put it all together, but it looked a bit weird because i still don't have all the armor. anyways, here are some pictures of my first time out, and one with the skin. unfortunatley i was about 10 mins late, so i wasn't in the contest, :( maybe next year. Since I didn't have any Gauntlets yet, i put some black and orange strips around my forearms, The colors are to represent the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series:) big Parade Tomorrow in San Francisco!






Looking great so far, but, it's gonnna look bad ass when you have the rest of your parts....looking forward to seeing more updates on this -Scotts work is amazing, you cant go wrong with him, first class help and service all the way -keep up the good work
thanks bro, his work is amazing. I still haven't gotten the rest of the armor parts, and it's been a but i will hopefully in the next coming month.
made007 said:
Awesome the more suit ups i see the more anxious i get to finish mine
I can't wait to see your suit finished. I really enjoyed suiting up, but my main goal is to meet up with other predators at the cons.:)
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