First time sculpting mask, need advice.

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by efarley, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, I've decided I want to make the costume for Doctor Malfato from Assassins Creed. For his mask I want to get a mannequin bust and sculpt it out of clay then cast it in plastic for paint but I'm not sure what casting materials I need and if I should be aware of any prep for the mannequin that I should do before applying the clay.

    I was thinking of doing a slush cast, but I'm thinking with the length of the nose it would be difficult to get the mask to release from the mold, so any advice would be awesome. See some pictures of the character and mask below.

    Doctor_Malfato_rough1.jpg the_elite_doctor_mask_from_assassins_creed_by_unboundart-d4lf9us.jpg
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    Hi efarley, there are a lot of tutorials about what you are trying to do. I would suggest that you start with some research at sites like Smooth-on and Monster Makers. There are other sites out there that provide the same information, but I know these ones the best. Good luck. this sounds like a fun project.
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    I second checking out the monster makers. I'm doing my first sculpts as well, and I've found their clay really good to use. It's pretty solid at room teperature (winter here) but you can control the consistency really easily with heat. I also bought tools, reference books and a sculpting armature from the monster makers, and they're very, very useful.

    As for mould-making, there are so many cool tutorials on youtube. I like the smooth-on tutorials, but there are so many. Just search for one and go sidebar-hopping! :)

    Good luck, looks like a fun mask!

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