First Space Wolf cosplay Build


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Hello, everyone! Just wanted to take time to share some of the insights I've had with my build for a warhammer 40k space marine. Went with the 4th chapter, Space Wolves, and it was an interesting experience. I've had a huge learning curve, and have come up with some of my own designs that I've shared with others. I'm not sure where to begin with this, especially since I've lost a lot of my early on pictures, but will share what I have regardless. Since this is my first time build a lot of the looks are far from people that I've looked to such as Sterley or Roses and Boltshells. But regardless, always gotta start somewhere. My goal has more so focused on articulation and functionality. I even came up with a design for my own Fenris pattern helmet which will be shared later on. In any case, since I don't have much of an early start jumping point, first throwing out my joint build progress.

This time around it's for my shoulder joint;

Apologies for the lack of quality in video but I hope it shows what I've come up with. Looking around at a lot of other builds there were some really good ideas. However I wanted to be able to have more range of motion with less chance of the pauldrons falling off. There were a few times that this happened just from even walking or lifting my arm more than level to the ground. After three other failed attempts this was tried and so far has worked. Here's a test of it after the initial production:

I'm still working on this, and have need to improve certain things. For example I'm still looking to attach the internal sleeve to the shoulder with an easy attach / release mechanism that can only fit in a quarter inch of space. Some ideas have been toyed with but nothing has stuck yet. I'm trying to avoid magnets and velcro as that could still easily disconnect and reveal the arm underneath. I'll update when I have a better solution to present.

I'm honestly open to questions, comments and suggestions. So far people seemed happy to have this stuff shared with them and I'm more than happy to do so. Let me know if you have any thoughts!


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Hello, folks! Still working on progressing with the modifications of my suit build. I've redone the leg joints so wanted to share that as well. Testing it out has worked pretty well so far. I'll be making some slide mounts for the cuisse (thigh plates) to fit over them. The idea is to have something that will hold it in place, and be completely covered by the costume.

Hope this helps give people ideas and I would not be against ideas myself. Still working on arms and helmet, but should have the helmet assembled some time this week. For Russ!

P.S.: Apologies for camera quality, I'm working with what I have available.


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Nice work. I recently came across those same lazy susan bearings at a local shop and immediately thought of them for shoulder joints. Awesome to see that they do the trick! Good luck moving forward with your build.