First sculpt and paint TDK joker

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by toxicvenom, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. toxicvenom

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    Posted this on the DC section but thought it might need a post here..

    Started with a heath ledger plain plaster cast as I am trying this for the first time
    added the scar, mouth mod, forehead, eye sockets ,lots of adding clay painting white then adding
    more as I it to where I was happy then mold ,cast in resin, then paint...and a
    bit more paint..
    then left well alone........
    Heath.jpg sculpt2.jpg sulpting1.jpg sculpt3.jpg mold1.jpg
    mold2.jpg first pull.jpg flesh base.jpg first white.jpg paint2.jpg eyes1.jpg

    lastpaint.jpg lastpaint3.jpg Thanks....................
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  2. toxicvenom

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    Repainted a bit more...


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  3. postmanpat

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    Great job!!! Looking good.
  4. Mr Mold Maker

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    Looks very cool!

    I've been wanting to attempt this project as well, yours turned out so well I just might!
  5. toxicvenom

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    I am going to have a go at the full head next.
    I think I need to not over paint it as I just keep adding and think I am over doing
    the simplicity of the paint job, I seems to look better in the flesh as I think the pictures
    dont look as good as it does here as I am looking at it ??
  6. Batt

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    I don't think you've over painted it. It looks good. If you go too simple it won't look like a real face.
  7. toxicvenom

    toxicvenom Active Member

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    Couldn't help but paint a little more..

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