First Sandtrooper Build


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Hey guys this is my first sandtrooper build in fact my first costume build ever. It has definitely been a learning experience. Anyway this is it so far. Still have a lot of work to do. Any feedback welcome...





Art Andrews

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Wow, for a first build, that is pretty incredible!

The only critique I would make is the forearms seem to be falling too far down. Do you have a strap connecting the forearms to the biceps?


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Much appreciated... No I do not have straps holding the forearms up but will in about 5 min, plus I needed to lower my biceps a little bit too I think.. The armor and helmet is TE2. Thanks again guys.


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Very nice build. Who made the shoulder pauldron? It seem to have the correct screen orange colour. Some of the orange pauldron that i've seen (including mine) have a different shade of orange (more like neon coloured orange).


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I agree if you drop your biceps you should be good on the arms.

How are you planning to weather it? Also do you have a BFG yet? If not what are you planning to carry?


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If you dot want to strap your forearms to your biceps, you can line them with foam. That way our can just slide your forearms in and they will stay put without being connected to the biceps. IE A little bit more freedom of movement.

As another member already pointed out....Whats up with the forearms? Did you mix up the left inner with the right outer etc? Might just be a bad angle of the picture. Looking good though.


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I have a 2" elastic strap held on with velcro between my forearms and biceps. Works great and it makes it easy as pie to put on my arms (all strapped together even across the shoulders.)
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