First Project ..Batman mask for 4 year old son


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So this is my first attempt at a mask for Halloween. My 4 year old wanted to be Batman (again) and I thought it would be fun to make his mask. Time and the fact that my other son wanted a storm trooper blaster made for his costume turned it into a bit of a rushjob but here is what I ended up with.
20140913_152000.jpg 20140913_155432.jpg 20140914_112225.jpg 20140921_162250.jpg 20140921_184022.jpg 20141013_192142.jpg 20141018_133749.jpg

I used Dragon Skin Medium for the mask but it took way longer to set than it was supposed to. I got a bunch of air bubbles and it was thicker in some areas than other but I think it turned out alright. I ended up using his old costume from last year because he wanted to and I had no energy left (especially after the blaster fiasco). Anyway, any input is appreciated!

20141018_140138.jpg 20141018_170330.jpg 20141022_164705.jpg 20141022_164709.jpg 20141022_164712.jpg 20141022_164630.jpg 20141031_173242.jpg
It took a long time for him to get used to wearing it and it barely fits already but he loved it!
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