First Pepakura Build

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by ZombieAppetite, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. ZombieAppetite

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    First thread here.

    I figure there is no need for chit chat... so on with the pictures!!!

    BTW: Not my pep file. Downloaded from tektonten

  2. Nobody

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    Looks good, keep it up!
  3. Dirty

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    Looking great for first PEP, cant wait to see finished project
  4. ZombieAppetite

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    Thanks guys. After this it will be time to convert my stork trooper to sandy. Time to start shopping for backpack parts
  5. ZombieAppetite

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been a costumer for about 3 years now. It all started with my Stormtrooper armor build which got me accepted into the 501st legion as well as the honors of being a member of thw "expert infantry"

    I have been messing around with other props and costumes as of late including.

    Steampunk xbox
    Steampunk guitar
    5 more stormtrooper helmets (including one zombie trooper)
    Tusken raider head

    In planning phase:
    Proton Pack
    Sandtrooper backpack and T-21 blaster (time for a sandtrooper conversion)

    So theres my little introduction.
    Now to the task at hand.

    This will be my first pepakura build and so far it seems to be going rather well.
    I am building the Dargonborn helmet from skyrim, I have seen plenty of people do this so i figured i would give it a shot.

    First off, This is not my 3D model or Pep file. I downloaded it from "TEKTONTEN"

    I Have been reading for a while now about tips and tricks for pepakura so this will not become a "help me!!!" thread. The purpose of this thread is just to document my progress. If anyone has advice, comments, or death threats feel free to voice them. But if i have any questions my first resource will be the search function on these forums.

    Thanks for looking...
  6. ZombieAppetite

    ZombieAppetite New Member

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    New update with pics.

    Got more work done on the helmet. Still plenty of bondo work needed to get it perfect. Then i decided to add another layer of fiberglass on the inside just be sure it is strong enough since i sand through some spots oops. i think the horns came out great. hand carved into the bondo using a butter knife.... dont tell my wife


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