First foray into scratch/trash building


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I’ve been a long time dabbler in painting and prop making, but I have never tackled anything small scale like a model, normally just repainted nerf blasters etc. So I got some inspiration recently from builders on YouTube utilizing trash/recycling for model making and I figured I would give it a try!

I have been in a dieselpunk and airships kind of headspace lately so I set off to find some concepts and went from them

this was my initial rough doodled shape
and then I found this drawing that got the wheels fully spinning into gear

so I grabbed an orange juice bottle and got working!

This was my progress on the first day

And after a lot of gluing and cutting paper I’ve reached this point today



I’m pretty happy with how everything came together with the primer, so now we’ll see how the detailing and final painting goes!
(Sorry some of these images are flipped, I’m on mobile and can’t figure it out)


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That's really ingenious. Love all the details and kit bashing. I particularly love all the rivets, lol.
I dotted them all with wood glue and a paper clip! It’s apparently an old trick but all of this is new to me so it was cool to see it work so well

here’s where I am with painting, honestly not entirely sure how I feel about it but I can always change things if I really hate it down the road. The rear thruster is still just primed because that’s where I’m holding the model while painting

the idea with the paint job is that it’s a mixed material ship, Copper clad on the bottom half and aluminum above, with the aluminum segments having been blue at some point in the ships lifetime. The red panel is from a repair/donor ship. From what I’ve been able to discern I think the model is in 1:144 judging by the small crew door in the rear leading out onto the deck.


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WOW, love the trick using wood glue and a paper clip for the rivets. I have never heard of that and I will definitely be holding on to that trick, thx.

Love the paint job so far. This looks very steampunk or may even belong in the Fifth Element verse, lol.

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