First ever Project (Tomodachi Collection Character)


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Hello every one,

I now have decided what my first sculpture will be - a character of the video game "Tomodachi Collection" (because they are very simplistic and seem easy enough to sculpt) and this Post of mine will be updated with pictures as I go!

I thought to sculpt it with oil clay (since its the first thing I do and I am scared Air Drying .. well dries before its done, and the other clay will crack when I heat it in the oven)
Then I would like to mold it in Silicone and cast in Plastic.
Only thing worrying me is the 2 sided mold. (When I make the first side I support my oil clay sculpture with....oil clay! wont that stick to the sculpture and therefore make the other side unusable?)

The last days I did nothing but research and would like to buy lots of stuff now. Sadly I couldnt find any of it in the nearby Supply shops and did not find a Japanese Internetsite (I live in Japan and guess that US or EU shops either dont ship to Japan or have way to expansive shipping costs) that sells the stuff you need for sculpting, molding and casting.
Still looking for all that stuff so...until I found a place to buy stuff from I sadly cant start - though even though I made research on the topic for days I still dont even know what i SHOULD buy....maybe my initial thought of Oil clay is wrong for the project I think of)

PS: I actually would like to register at and the 405th for many questions I still have but sadly both pages dont accept new members anymore....
sorry to post in this forum even though i have nothing to show for now...

thank you for reading
kind regards


Hi there :)

OK, I don't play that game, but have fun.
Did you every try air drying clay? I can't work with anything else anymore, since I've tried a batch of Apoxie Sculpt.
But if you can work with your clay, that's fine.

I don't know how it is over there in Japan, but in Switzerland I don't get much stuff either. The shipping is expensive, too.
What exactly do you need to start with your work?

see ya,


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Hi Folkenstal,

Since this is the first time I would like to sculpt something - as I mentioned - and since I have yet to buy even the tyniest amount of clay, no, I did not use Air drying clay up to this point.
The reason I also stated above.

You use Apoxie Sculpt for everything? for making whole Sculpters? Isnt Apoxie Sculpt used for fixing parts? (Like filling up cracks)

The answer to what I need is -> Everything
As I sated above, its my very first time and I neither have tools nor materials (neither for sculpting nor for molding&casting)

Thank you for your reply dude

übrigens bin ich deutscher - aber bin nach japan gezogen - hallo nachbar haha :)


Hi Nachbar :D

Ok, so still need to write in english…
Indeed I use Apoxie Sculpt for everything, not only for fixing cracks but also to sculpt.
See here
Making of Stalhrim Dagger

and here
Making of Ebony Dagger

I sculpt those with Apoxie only. I didn't have any problem with the air drying, because it dries in 2 hours or so :)
Or I work in layers, doint the first layer, then the other and so on. like this I can control the shape of the sculpt.
I don't know how you work, though. If you need more time than these 2 hour to finish your basic shape, then maybe Apoxie ain't the best thing.

As for the tools I use for sculpting… commong flat screwdrivers are the best. seriously :D I use my fingers, screwdrivers and water. As for the daggers a stated above. So look around your house maybe you'll find something like this.

Also for the molding, I'm sure you came across a few silicones and plastics?
I'd use smooth-on's Mold Max 40 as two part mold and cast it with Smooth-Cast 310 (white plastic).
The plasti cures in 4 hours, enough time to work with and pour it slowly. you can color it, too with a flesh tone (so strong colors).

Err yes, and about the two part mold: I don't how how sturdy your clay is, but for the two part mold you'd need to mold one side and then the other.
One side will be held in place by clay… like here: How to make a two-part mold - YouTube
I'm sure that will destroy one part of your model.

PS: or you PN me for german conversation… :)