first ever project batman begins latex armour

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    right i decided i want to make a costume for comic-con in london and thought ill go for something big so i am makingbatman begins armour using this method (How to Make a Latex Batman Costume | and this tutorial (MacGuyver's Mr. Incredible Suit Huntorial *LOTS OF PICS.* - The Hunter's Lair)

    but i need a few bits of advice for one do you think Begins is easirt then DK/DKR suit for this method.
    has anyone ever made one like this?
    what is the best underbody suit im thinking of just using termal top and trousers for running ect but not sure howeasy it will be and if a wet suit is the only way to go?
    how do i craft the foam?
    any help would be much apreciated and i shall be uploading progress when project begins. im only 18 and have only an imagination no experince so if i've asked a umb question i apologise :)
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    Good luck in your project buddy, Im having my suit done for SDCC and LCC, amongst as many opportunities to wear it! There are many guys here and a forum called brotherhood of the bat. I've been lurking here and there, you will find so much info :) plus everyone seems really nice!

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