First done Jedi Costume for Dragon Con

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    Welp, this is what I'd call my first REAL completed costume for any kind of CON. it's good enough to get by, but I'll do better in the future.

    I present myself, as a fat jedi


    and some closeups of the belt specifically


    The belt is made from an actual 2 gun style "battle belt" for resting on the hips, and carrying gear like ammo and a pistol. the pouches are clearly foam, made from slightly modified patterns I purchased from the foam cave, painted, and affixed to the battle belt with some double sided Velcro loops that go through the "webbing" on the battle belt, and attach to velcro glued to the back of the pouch (mostly so that I can take them off for transport, and for ease of replacement if I damage one. The saber attachment is a thick elastic strap with a slit cut through it for the "belt clip" for the saber to attach to.

    The shirt is made from a 100% cotton martial arts uniform, that I dyed khaki. The front and rear tabards are made from the pants of the martial arts uniform. I dyed them at the same time, so they'd be the same color/shade. The tabards are affixed to the inside of the pants with snaps, and simply fold out over the top, and the fact they aren't an actual part of the shirt, is mostly hidden by the giant honking belt.

    The fine leather boot on display in the first picture, is a no name pair of boots I picked up someplace (literally, there are NO markings, brand, or even size, written on them anywhere) about 2 years ago, when I was originally going to make this costume. when I didn't make it to dragon con that year, I just started wearing them as boots to break them in, and I like them so darn much, they've been my daily shoes for almost the whole 2 years (hence the absurdly used look to them)

    The general inspiration for the costume, was the descriptions of the "war Jedi" from the army of light in the "Bane" books, essentially Jedi that fought sith on "Planet Vietnam", so aren't heavily armored like the old republic Jedi costumes, but aren't kited out like they just walked out of the Jedi temple, and heavily influenced by one of the costumes Starkiller wears in Force Unleashed 2 (ok, it's not influenced by, it's stolen from).

    Thoughts, comments, questions?
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    That belt is serious!! I like it allot!
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    Looks great ! Have fun and take pictures.

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