First Cosplays - Looking for some help...


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Hey guys,

Last year I was going to do my first cosplay as Deathstroke, I made the mask and it came out pretty rad but I kind of gave up on the rest because some guests I really wanted to see came so I figured I'd drop the money on them instead of finishing.

I plan on going to Walker Stalker Con and I want to go as Rick from S4-5 (crazy Rick, bearded lol) I have the clothes and I have the holster coming in but I want to get a gun like his. I'm looking for a gun similar to the Python but I'm hoping to get something passable for under $50.

Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry guys, I couldn't figure out how to delete and found someone elses post I didn't notice before.
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Have you looked into airsoft guns at all? There are some cheap "close enough" revolvers out there.