First Cosplay: Iron Fist WIP


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Hi guys, first time crafting, long time admirer. Making my second trip to Dragoncon this year and I wanted to be part of the crafters this time! This is my first cosplay and I wanted to keep in simple (kinda cool b/c it's in Atlanta in the summer) but also just cool so I went with The Ironfist. I'm looking for anything you guys can do to point me in the way of FAQs of masks, sewing emblems, etc. I've been perusing the forums and I've got some pretty great websites for costume creation. In the mean time, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few things just to see how difficult it might be to build the mask out of fabric. Here's my results:
unnamed.jpg unnamed (2).jpg unnamed (3).jpg unnamed (1).jpg

So I just used a simple shelf masquerade mask, cut it at the nose line and used fabric glue to hold the hanker chef down. The eyes are a bit off and were colored on with fabric marker. I was wondering what I might do to get rid of the "bunched up" fabric look in the back? I want it to be smooth. I'm not well versed in foam but I'm willing to trying anything. Any and all help is appreciated, even just links to basic builds that you guys might have that I'm not aware of would put me on the right path. Thanks. (And thanks to my lady for being my model head.)
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