First Class Magneto costume, Halloween 2011


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Hey folks, I posted some progress work on my Magneto helmet build a few months back, and even though I am absolutely awful at updating progress, the helmet is finished as is the rest of the costume! Thought I would share a few glamor shots from the 31st.







A few compromises were made on the jacket and pants for time and budget reasons, but all in all I'm happy with it! I'm not a fan of how the jacket protrudes beneath the belt...that's one of the things I think I'll have to fix if I wear it to a con. That and the addition of arm and knee pads!

Helmet is a fiberglass casting of my original sculpt, harness is hand-made with buckles and (nonfunctional) ladder locks cast from original sculpts, jacket is a modified neoprene tunic recolored using fabric paint, pants are army surplus with a few modifications and zippers added. Boots are my hiking boots from North Face which happened to be perfect once the yellow trim was blacked out! Hope you enjoy!
Thanks everyone! Pokeman: I have a step-by-step making of the helmet sculpt on my blog here. Now that the costume is finished I'm hoping to post the mold making and casting portion soon ;)
If it is for Halloween contest for year 2011, I would've vote you! Nice! What size is your helmet? Can you give me more detail cuz I notice it fit you perfect compare to other magento helmet (their little too big and loose.
That is amazing! U really do look like him with the helmet! Any more details on the neoprene tunic? Looks pretty close to the real thing, I'm thinkin of making either a jacket or a full custom First Class suit
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