First build! Pip-boy 3000 out of some styrofoam or something


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Hey there! I don't have the tools or the skills, but I thought I'd jump in and learn as I go.
I stayed up way too late taking irritatingly imprecise measurements from Skruffy's post by cutting, pasting, and dragging the ruler around and counting pixels and estimating for depth.
I went to the store and bought something that looks like foamcore (but seems to be called "The Slim"), a knife, some glue that the dude deliberated on for a while before handing me because he wasn't sure what The Slim was made of, and some sandpaper which may just fragment the foam.

piptools.jpg pipstruction.jpg The Slim

I'd like to some day buy a cast or print a 3D model, but for now I wanted to explore this thing as an object, get a sense for it by living in it for a while, and test out my affinity with transforming 2D objects into 3D. I chose the 3000 because that's the one I identify with the most, having played a great amount of Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
pipedge.JPG First Edge (what is this stuff)
Now I've got some decisions. The screen cowling I think will just be a flat layer on top of this one, also carved out of The Slim, as well as other bump-up bits.
The back of the face might be a perpendicular sheet, which I think makes more sense than a stack all glued together, because I'd like to have a hollow interior (with at least room for a smartphone).
I'm pretty confident a stack of rings would be best for the arm tube, which I'd glue and sand and then slice and hinge and clasp, like a South Park Canadian, or Pacman.
Now, for the tube, I don't know if I want to form it in rings, or try to anticipate the shape the face will displace and carve rings that are flat on one side, or form the face around the rings.


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First the bad news: you'll never have all the tools. The good news: if you can draw it you can build it. You clearly have the talent so I am following this project...its one I have been thinking about tackling myself. If you want to do it all from scratch then have at it but there are many many kits out there that will cost money but save time. Just a thought. Either way good luck!
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