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    So after going to my first Comiccon I have decided I would like to build a complete Mark III set of armor.

    I picked up the PEP files from Dancin_Fool (thank you kind Sir). and have done some reading on how to assemble, fibre glass, paint, bondo, etc.

    There are still a few holes for me. I did some searches and found a lot of conflicting ideas. I figure since this will be my main resource for this project I should get some pointers from here in case i need assistance later down the line.

    So, I found a YouTube video on how to scale armor. The problem is he used a "human Model" in pepakura to scale all his pieces. I tried importing but my helmet became tiny in the chest scale. Also, my pieces did not fit together like a human they imported side by side?

    The helmet came as a separate file from the armor.....

    1. is there a more beginner friendly PEP of Mark III or Mark IV
    2. Advice for scaling?
    3. Human model in Pepakura?

    Edit: link to PEP files for reference and credit

    Any helpful advice is more than welcome

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    Not to jump you offsite, but I found this on Dented Helmet How To Scale Your Pepakura Armour-Tutorial for how to scale your files and pieces. There should be enough images out there for you to find one that works for you.
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    Hey thanks for the reply. That is one of the posts i was talking about. It makes sense but, am I wrong that you need a picture a the armor your pep files are Using in scale? I can't just use any photo of a mark III right?

    I think I am just going to use the file I have from DF start with the chest and measure point to point in pepakura and then use that scale....

    I did some more reading On this site and it seems people are suggesting finding a scale that is big enough then scale each piece to that scale and modify to fit.

    Do you think that will work? I don't think DF's scale is far off what I need. From what I read his is good for up to six feet. I'm 6'1" 235lbs.....

    When I measured my chest it was only 5 mm larger so, I'm thinking I'll give it a shot.

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