First blood Rambo survival knife

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    Thought I would share this , it's not the movie knife itself but made by the same lile knife company, the original
    movie knife sold for 75,000 usd in 2013 at profiles in history auction.

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    It made $90.00 give or take with taxes and fees.

    Is that a V Neeley knife,

    This is mine. The survival kit is Vietnam era US issue....apart from the Victrinox folder that I added. :)



    That gentleman's folder looks great.
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    I just want a 14 tooth FB to upgrade from my 12 tooth FB (UC).

    What happened to those other Rambo knives that were supposed to be more accurate?
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    Gil Hibben makes the knives for the rest of the movies. He sells custom ones $$$$$$$, or you can buy his designs from United. United cant sell them as Rambo knives anymore since the studio gave the license to another company. The other company makes lower quality copies of Hibbens knives without licensing from him.
    The United ones are called Hibben followed by the film number.

    Lots of counterfeit Chinese ones on eBay.
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    I signed up without properly reading the intention and foundation of this forum as I noticed Jimmy Lile knives mentioned, I had a rough day and obviously did not do my research, I bought a original Hand Made Jimmie Lile Survival Knife and was curious what it was worth. I unfortunately have zero interest in costuming.

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