First attempt at a Han Solo ANH Costume - FEEDBACK?


Greetings Programs!

Last year, I was Han Solo for Halloween (my whole family did a Star Wars theme). I decided to spend the time and make a Han Solo costume that will last. We made the vest from Dawn's falcon jacket pattern

Shirt and Vest together

I have recently read on this forum that Han's vest is lined with a thinner cotton and not with satin. We lined it with Satin because that's how so many things are lined.

Then we made riding breeches with a reinforced seat. I bought the iron-on blood stripes (which I wont do again...:facepalm:facepalm). The shirt did not come out quite as good as I had hoped because we used a pajama shirt pattern as the base so it was too baggy and the material was probably too thick. I have since bought a new pattern for a men's dress shirt with the mandarin collar.

I bought a new "stretch-type" material that is closer to the material used for police/horse riding breeches and we are remaking the pants and I made the belt myself and I think the holes are too far apart.

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on the shirt material? In the press pictures it looks like it was a t-shirt type material....