FIrst Armor Build: Demon Hunter Completed (pic heavy)

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Hi, I am a new member to the rpf! I just wanted to post my first armor build with worbla. This is my progress of my Diablo 3 demon hunter cosplay. All together this project took about 3-4 months of hard work through the summer-fall. Enjoy!

Normally my process begins with sketching my pattern on paper (usually with hours of revising). Next I transfer my pattern to worbla and either use the sandwich method or single layer method depending on the piece and the fixings I need to attach the piece to my body. For this costume I used Gesso and lots of sanding as my primer followed by a layer or two of wood glue but now I use just many layers of wood glue as it is a much faster process with the same result.
Collage 2014-09-11 15_35_55.jpg20140715_221800.jpg20140807_155044.jpg20140805_184638.jpg
I first completely finished the top half of the armor before I started on the bottom half just to get used to the process and learn from any mistakes. Another piece of my armor making that turned out to be particularly difficult was figuring out how to fix everything to my body so that it would be stable and comfortable. The end result was lots of clips, D-rings and velcro:
Here is the top half finished with the hood (sorry for the terrible cellphone selfi)
Next came the bottom half which was in no way easier to pattern than the top half!
Again the long process of gesso, sanding, and wood glue followed by spray paint!
What a difference acrylics bring rather than leaving it flat with spray paint! Also everything is sealed with a spray on acrylic varnish however I am looking for something better to seal the paint with.
I also made a crossbow modeled after a picture I found on google but as you can see I changed the look quite a bit. The crossbow took two full attempts of construction. I got it right the second time I made it. I used two different types of foam, insulation foam, expanding foam (great stuff), and paper mache. I also used worbla, some LEDs and a wooden dowel.
The end result!

Here are the end result photos of the costume finished! I used a simple black wig from amazon and some white mesh contact lenses.
View attachment DHwaterfall.jpgView attachment DH2.jpgView attachment Clif2.jpgDemonH2.JPG
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