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    Hello all,

    im pretty * behind when it comes to certain things, this being one of them.
    Im looking for some Firefly props. The main two on the list right now are the PAL radio and the voice recorder as seen in Ariel and The Message.

    I've been through the majority of posts on here but they date back pretty far and haven't had much luck. I know the voice recorder is a Chinese brand mini radio but gotten no where as to acquiring one. And the PAL radio I'm pretty much just stumped. Now there's plenty of screen grabs and pictures posted by members already which greatly help if I'm going down the scratch build road.

    However before I do, I figure a polite asking may just help out. Any info would help greatly. Much obliged lady's and gents
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    For the PAL unit, there are a few castings out there, plus some actual production PALs that pop up from time to time.

    I'd suggest putting a WTB ad in the Junkyard and also popping over to, where you'll find a more focused discussion on Firefly props.
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    Wilcox models makes/made the pal, and grenades, you gotta have grenades. I got my mal's pistol and jayne's lemat from them several years ago off of ePay I haven't put them together yet but they looked good in the box
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    Sorry for the delay, much appreciated in the responses.
    i ended up buying one of those model kit grenades from Hanzoswords. Wasn't too bad after painting and then I just made a few outta pvc, balsa wood, and some epoxy. Cast and mold, all came out pretty dang good. So I have about 4 grenades, a Cry Baby made outta scraps, AND I finally gotta hold of Jayne's boo pistol. Not completey screen accurate, but I'm happy with it. As soon as the Lemat arrives Ill post pictures of all.

    great chattin' duders


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    I do several Verse prop kits. Jubal Early's pistol, Jayne's "hideout" pistol, PAL (hollow), Vera (two versions: resin together with Morganthirteen coming soon but also full breakdown deluxe kit), Niska's torture spider (coming soon) and a Boo conversion kit (but I saw you already got one.)
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    Awesome JoatrashFX! I'm really interested in one of your PAL units. As soon as I finish up with payment of a couple other props, you'll definitely hear from me.

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