Firefly/Serenity Jayne's Maidenhead outfit (shirt, patches, pins, epaulet)

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Cleaning out the ol' closet and I thought I'd try finding a good home for some underappreciated items from my deep prop storage!

This is a replica of Jayne's shirt-jacket-thing from the scenes at the Maidenhead bar in Serenity. It ain't perfect, but I'd say it's 80% there, and/or a great "starter kit" to make a better one. The shirt itself isn't accurate; it was just a random thrifted military-style short-sleeve button-down, which was close enough in my mind. You could darken the whole thing with a dye bath, or you could rip off all the patches and put them onto an accurate base garment. But as-is, all of the patches are completely accurate, as is the snap-on epaulet and the pin on the breast pocket. (I've attached a collage of pics of the original costume from PropStore for reference.) The collar pin is inaccurate because I never got around to tracking down the real thing--but I'll throw it in as a decent placeholder. The only other part that's missing is the mystery scarf/backpack...thing.

$40 shipped in the continental U.S.


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