Firefly/ Serenity Jayne Cobb T-Shirts

Adar Tallon

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I know I know. Everyone and their mother has the Blue Sun shirts and someone has the Fighting Elves 28 shirt. I'm looking for the one he wears in the movie and in the show a few times with some chinese characters and a picture of a gun (looks like it could be an AMT backup, but who knows.)

I took some sceencaps from the high rez trailer so you can see which one I'm tallking about. They are rather large so I'll link them.

Adar Tallon

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Originally posted by robstyle@Oct 10 2005, 12:48 AM
Wernt these shirts given ut at a screening or to the cast/crew?
I have seen them hit ebay before.

There's one on ebay right now claiming to be the screen used shirt but I kinda sorta doubt it.

Quinn Merrick

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I would love to get the yellow "gun" shirt that he wears but I have heard that because of the designs on the sleeve it makes it a very hard shirt to get produced :(


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Naw, Dally could do it.
Those shirts that hit eBay are production/crew gifts, yeah - so I imagine they match the Jayne one. It differs from the shirt he wore on the TV show (same design but looks like it was recreated)... if someone can loan me one of those crew shirts long enough to get a good scan, I can get them reproduced, exactly.

I WANT one :)


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I made this after I saw the movie.

I intend to print it out on iron-on paper one I find the right kind of shirt. It's not quite perfect but it's free (which is always good :lol )

Here's the full sized weathered version

Here's the full sized clean version

Feel free to tweak them if you'd like :) All I ask is that you not sell any shirts made with it. I put a lot of work into it and I want it to stay free :)


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I asked about the design or who printed them and couldnt come up with anything. There is one more place I can ask though but doubt it will lead anywhere.


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I think that is refered to as a ringer t-shirt because it has a contrasting piping around the neck and arms hence rings. I will check and see if I can find some. If any better photos come up please post.


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If only gave you more options...

They'll let you make a ringer with the design, but they won't let you make a ringer shirt yellow. And they won't give you freedom to move your design to other parts of the shirt (namely the right shoulder). BLAST.


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Originally posted by Prop Runner@Oct 14 2005, 07:15 PM
Has anyone ordered the "28" tee from this site?

I can't remember if the tee was burnt orange or black in the movie.  And anyone know why it's designated the "Flaming Elves?"

- Gabe

I believe the orange is accurate, and I don't remember seeing it in the movie, but it was in the series. I still need to pick one of those up...
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