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    Hi all,

    Brand new member here. I just pulled out a Mal/Firefly pistol kit I bought last year and plan to start working on it.

    I did some cutting and filling holes on it when I first got it as well as flat paint and some RNB. It did look so great, so I'm starting over.

    I plan to strip it down and etch out some lines, fill more of the bubble holes. Here is the plan, but looking for corrections or additional feedback.

    1) Shave off any 'screws' to be replaced w/ real screws at the end
    2) Etch out any lines - particularly the hammer area that's a mess.
    3) Drill a few inches into the barrel
    4) Primer - I have grey Duplicolor primer - should this be black or will grey work the same since it's a primer?
    5) Gloss black Duplicolor (how many coats?)
    6) RNB using the less is more technique others have described
    7) some weathering by beating the thing up
    8) gloss coat
    9) add screws

    And I'm thinking I will see if I can find someone to make the grips out of real wood since the stock ones look miserable.

    Oh, what about the trigger? I'm thinking I should cut it free from the triggerguard, correct?

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